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Domaine Jessiaume

"Wine is a living thing. It is made, not only by grapes and yeasts, but of skill and patience"

minutes of reading: 05 min 30.06.2018

-2 months before harvest...

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The end of June is coming, the wortk on the growing vine is (almost) done.

Here we are, the flowering is occuring but unfortunately the weather is wet and stormy... It is difficult to maintain our copper protection against mildew with these accumulations of rain. The fight is tough and we have to spray 3 times in the same week to ensure our harvest.

Hopefully, the sun finally appears after the first decade of June. We can have a quick rest.

The observation of the damages begins, the flowering is done and we are at the stage of the berry set. The grapes are getting bigger and mildew attacks appear.

Fortunately, the arrival of dry weather have limited the loss.

It is now time for the powdery mildew to come. A few contaminations occur in the Chardonnays. Sulfur allows us to stop its development effectively.

Green work is at the heart of our day. With the heat, working hours are adjusted. We start early in the morning so we do not have to work in the afternoon temperatures. Tying-up the vine is in progress and we finally have to remove some leaves from the vines in order to aerate the grapes. At the end of June, the work is almost completed. We still have some trimming to do. After that, we will have to plough the soil for the last time this year and also remove weeds by hand in our new plantation. Some work in the cellar has to be done too.


Le Domaine Jessiaume

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