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Domaine Jessiaume

"Le vin est une matière vivante, faite non seulement de raisins et de levures, mais aussi d'habilité et de patience"

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Burgundy Report 2019

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Retrouvez les commentaires de Bill Nanson sur le millésime 2019.

Jessiaume - 2019



Tasted in Santenay with Megan McClune & William Waterkeyn, 06 November 2020.


Domaine Jessiaume 10 Rue de la Gare 21590 Santenay

Tel: +33 3 80 20 60 03




There are new owners here - the previous Scottish ownership exchanged for a Parisian who bought the domaine in August. Apparently a long-time fan of burgundy wine, a biochemist originally.


William on 2020:

I think we can be happy here  at the  domaine in Santenay - we didn 't see any blockage of maturity or the drying of the grapes which we saw in much of the Côte d'Or - we did have a bit more rain than most parts which helped us average 40 Hl/ha - nice degrees with good acidity tao - and no issues with vinifications

either so happy. Our Beaune Cent Vignes was a bit less good versus the grapes in Santenay but we have good roots due to our time in biodynamics so the volume was still quite good. The harvest was roughly a normal length as the maturities weren 't blocked anywhere.

William on 2019:

A little more complicated - still quite an easy vintage in the vines, but fermentations were often quite slow in the reds - so more stress in the cuverie than in the vineyards. In the end, I think a

style that s quite Burgundian with a more present acidity and a little less solaire than in 2018. It was more sportif!


The wines...


Nothing in excess, purity of fruit, a semi-elegant style - but so drinkable and enjoyable. A great selection of reds and properly Burgundian in their clarity of fruit!


2019 Bourgogne Pinot Noir

Sorne from the commune of Volnay and Côtes Couchios - so no Côte d'Or label.

That's a very attractive nose of red berry fruit, developing a more overt cherry. Silky, nicely direct, lovely acidity - hmm -that's really a delicious wine with just the right amount of structure to say - 'wait 6 months' - you will anyway have to - it' s not yet bottled! A delicious finish with a little tannin-bitters. Lovely.


2019 Auxey-Duresses

In Les Eccuseaux

A little paler colour. A wider, meatier aroma. Bright, incisive, lovely in the mouth - that's really excellent - the nose still needs a little work but the palate is top-notch!


2019 Auxey-Duresses 1er Eccuseaux

Vine next to those above.

A finer, darker-fruited nose - a good invitation. A little more punch to this flavour, a little more structure too - but essentially the same open, mouth-watering shape of the villages. You should wait just a little longer to drink this but, honestly, it would be no crime to drink it already!


2019 Santenay, Clos du Clos Genet

'Definitely a clos within the clos, ' the vines almost in the village.

A riper, more forward fruit - not quite confiture but more in this direction - balancing is a deeper, slightly minerai base of aroma. Wow - that's deliciously dark-fruited, with energy and depth to the generous flavour. Bravo - completely delicious villages of depth and interest!


2019 Santenay 1er La Comme

A little less colour. A redder fruit, plenty of depth. In the mouth, wider and with a certain fresh concentration, but also redder-fruited than the village. Completely delicious, almost 'easier' wine. Long and satisfying ...


2019 Santenay 1er Gravieres

Here a little wc in the ferment here.

A deeper colour, a little wc and red fruit too. Direct, a little narrower, more mouth-watering. A wine with another, higher, level of structure but also complexity too. All is well-balanced and will provide a delicious wine in 2-3 years...


2019 Volnay

Low-slope but Brouillards plus some Grand Poisots

A gorgeous nose - such clarity of fruit. In the mouth, it's incisive, wide and so mouth-watering. Framed with a modest tannin you should wait, but not too long... Excellent villages!


2019 Pommard

In Combotte, south Pommard - meagre soil, so not a lot of grapes in the last hotter vintages. Not a strong colour. A more floral width of aroma. Nice shape in the mouth, quite airy, a little touch of barrel cream too. Very tasty but don't corne here if you're looking for powerful, or classic Pommard - this is all grace and easiness, but with good length in the finish...


2019 Volnay 1er Brouillards

A more compact nose - but not losing its freshness. The structure providing a fine framework for this wine, young structure and fruit - this is properly put together wine, and at least a medium-term wine - but all is in place - excellent!


2019 Beaune 1er Cent Vignes

Modest colour but the nose has plenty ofweight and width- creamy red-fruited- fine detail here. Wide, open but with modest structure and finely mouth-watering flavours. Fine indeed...


Les blancs:

2019 Bourgogne Chardonnay

From Santenay and 'north Chalonnaise'
A good nose, of depth and a slight vibration - the vibration coming from a little gas. Ripe pineapple but energy too. Really mouth-watering in a citrus/pineapple style - classically for 2019 touched by that finishing tannin.


2019 Santenay Blanc

A parce! in Combe St.Jean, in the direction the three crosses exposed direct/y to the east.
A little energy to this nose, faintly herbed. Bubbling with complexity and a ripe citrus flavour. I particularly like the direct line of mouth-watering citrus flavour in the finish. Delicious again...


2019 Santenay 1er Gravières Blanc

From two parcels, one lower, one higher.
Ooh - now that's very nice, deep nose - reduction? Not obviously so. Minerai, complex citrus too - and that's only the nose. A faint touch of gas. More generous, rounder flavour than the villages wine, wide finishing with good energy as a foil to the riper agrume fruit. Very good wine...


2019 Auxey-Duresses 1er Eccuseaux Blanc

Nice width of finely spiced fresh agrume here - lovely. A touch of gas again but clearly a wine with extra energy and drive. Touched by a little barrel today - but that's probably gone within 12 months. I love the mouth-watering finish here - that's a great Auxey and excellent wine in general...


2019 Corton-Charlemagne

Bought in must, vines 50 metresfrom the cross of Charlemagne.
Energetic and wide - there's aromatic character here, that's for sure. Bubbling with energy, not overtly concentrated


Démarrage du millésime 2020.
Démarrage du millésime 2020.
31.12.2019 | 03 min
2019 c'est pas du bluff !
2019 c'est pas du bluff !
27.09.2019 | 05 min

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