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Millésime 2020 : Burgundy Report

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Retrouvez les commentaires de Bill Nanson sur le millésime 2020.



There are new owners here - the previous Scottish ownership exchanged for a Parisian who bought the domaine in August 2020.


William on 2021:

"Half a harvest and of course more in the reds. Actullay, not too ridiculous yileds in the whites - the latest pruned were not so bad but the ealier pruned vines lost the most. So a complicated vintage - frost, mildew was a challenge with all the rain of the year - particularly if you're organic like us. I expect wines with plenty of acidity, not the maturity of the 2020s that we're going to taste, also not the same level of concentration as some of the recent vintages but the half-harvest was still a good foil for the extra rain of the year. I like the aromatics so far - probably an airy, fine style to the wines - better than I could have hoped for. New wines in Santenay came just before the harvest too plus a little Bourgogne and aligoté."

William on 2020:

Not a big volume but here in Santenay it was not too bad. We historically sold some of our production as grapes too but with the new proprietor in 2020 we decided to keep everything. We're very happy with the vintage; the concentration in the wines belies the fact that we averaged close to 40hl/ha in this vintage!

The wines...

What a great set of reds here - you could certainly blind-buy the red wines of this domaine and be happy whatever you got - the quality of the vintage shines through these wines - only the Bourgogne, whilst still tasty, is a step behind! The whites are also very good - and one is great - a Hospices wine - but that might be quite expensive...

The tow Bourgognes are bottled, all the others wait in barrel or in their tanks. All the whites and the regionals ares sealed with DIAM, since 2019. "I'm still asking the question of whether to do all the whites again in DIAM in 2020 but the regionals are already done!" From south to north:

2020 Bourgogne Pinot Noir

From bought grapes from the Côte Couchois

Plenty of colour here. A nice volume of aroma here - with plenty of freshness that hints of whole-cluster but there's only one wine this year with wc - and it's not this one! Like all the wines this year no sulfur during elevage - only at bottle - and no filtration. Round, supple - this is a super year for the Couchois - a fine grain to the tannin but full ripe with a good, tasty, mouth-watering flavor. A very good regional.

2020 Santenay, Clos du Clos Genet

"Definitely a clos within the clos, 'the vines almost in the village."

Less width but an ample and attractive depth to this nose. Silky - the grain of the last practically absent - more concentrated too. This is a big step up with fine layers of flavour. A narrower finish but still much longer, almost perfumed - Really a top villages!

2020 Santenay 1er La Comme

Good depth of colour but not approaching saturated. A narrow nose with, slightly acidulated, darker fruit at the top and much width of generous, perfumed, fruit at the base. Another level of sophistication again, ultra-fine grained tannin that has no dryness. Plush texture but not fat. A great mouthfeel. Broader finishing with a little more length and energy too. Excellent wine - great Comme!

As they have 4 hectares of Gravières, and kept everything this year, they made a second, smaller, cuvée which has higher average vine age and will have a longer elevage - first the general assembly of grapes:

2020 Santernay 1er Gravières

Here the nose is a little tighter - some flashes of dark fruit and flowers but it's not easy to pick out the elements. Super concentration again - just a hint more tannin/structure versus the Comme. Generally less approachable today than the Comme but possibly a longer finish, a suggestion of barrel here today too - which won't last more than a couple of months.

2020 Santenay 1er Gravières Numerus Clausus

Some vines here about 80-years-old.

More open and a nose with more focus on the perfume than the fruit - it's lovely. More concentration but also more energy here - really a wine of complexity and energy. Younger impression in the mouth - the structure more evident - but without the touch of austerity of the last. This will be a great, long, Santenay - dynamic and bravo!

2020 Auxey-Duresses

In Les Ecussaux

The aromatic register changes a little here - more herbs in the complexity but anither wine that favours the perfume over the fruit today. More of mouth-filling wine - a grain of tannin too - mobile, less dense yet still with a fine concentration, even a little fat. A nicely vibrant finish with some faint phenolic bitters as a counterpoint. Delicious and impressively concentrated too. Simply and excellent villages Auxey!

2020 Auxey-Duresses 1er Ecussaux

Vines next to those above.

Hmm - here a deeply concentrated nose - with the fruit in ascendent - really enticingly complex too. Wide, vibrantly flavoured and at the same time an airy style - despite the concentration - that's a highly attractive trait - elegant despite the material - even some salinity in the finishing flavour. Another bravo!

2020 Volnay

Low-slope but Brouillards plus some Grand Poisots. This wine is partly negoce - but all sees triage and elevage here.

Yes! Beautiful depth of crystal-clear red fruit - gorgeous! The tannin is practically absent but there's nothing louche about this wine - it's properly shaped and very mouthwatering. The finish is well-sustained and slowly mouth-watering. Great villages!

2020 Pommard

In Combotte, south Pommard - meagre soil, so not a lot of grapes in the last hotter vintages. As the last wine, a mélange of home and purchased grapes.

A little extra colour here. Freshness that's slightly herbed over a deep, ample, base of fine fruit. Structured buth with hardly visible tannin - like the Volnay - but here with the impression of more concentration - again no fat. A mouthful of tasty and really long wine - this is excellent.

2020 Volnay 1er Brouillards

Lots of colour. Less fully open with a faint suggestion of reduction - the subtle base still not hiding the multi-dimensional aspects of the aroma. Silky, sleek, wide - more direct this wine - despite its width - fresher acidity but balanced by lots of concentration. A wine to wait for but such an impressive wine - il will be worth it - an excellent Volnay 1er.

2020 Volnay 1er Santenaots Hospices de Beaune Cuvée Jéhan

The proprietor bought a barrel of this and a barrel of white.

Ooh - now that's deep colour! An inky-deep nose yet not a bit overbearing. A combination of lightness of touch and amazing but fresh concentration. I rarely find the Hospices wines as good as 'proprietor' wines - there's usually something that is in excess - but this is a seriously impressive wine.

2020 Beaune 1er Cents Vignes

A little more width and crystalline freshness of aroma - it can't complete with the concentration of aroma of the last though! Rounder, more comfortable but at the same time not lacking purity or concentration. An impressive density and length of finishing flavour - not a bit embarrased by the Santenots. Another excellent wine.

Les blancs:

2020 Bourgogne Chardonnay

From Santenay and 'north Chalonnaise" Mainly but not all négoce - the red was all négoce. Like the regional red, this is bottled.

Quite a forward and concentrated nose, some herb and rich fruit - almost a little pear and quince. Concentrated, composed, even a little contemplative. This is rich in style but I have to say very tasty too.

2020 Rully

Also a negoce wine from the higher vines of the plateau.

Less aromatic impact but here's an attractive airy complexity. Some richness again but this plays very nicely over th palate, mouth-watering in style. That's a fine and tasty Rully - I like it very mych and a big contract to the last wine.

2020 Santenay Blanc

A parcel in Combe St Jean, in the direction the three crosses exposed directly to the east. Also 100% bought grapes.

A narrower nose but with depth and a suggestion of minerality. Mouth-filling, nicely shaped, certainly the most mineral, accented with nice yellow-citrus fruit. This needs more elevage but there's mich to like here and I think the finish is already more impressive than that of the Rully.

2020 Santenay 1er Gravières Blanc

From two parcels, one lower, one higher - both domaine.

A fresh nose with more clarity to the fruit - though the fruit is a little more tropical. More width of flavour more intensity too. Properly mouth-water which balances the extra richness versus the villages. Also to wait for - there's a lot of material here - but todya I prefer the balance and crisper style of the villages. Finishing with a little lick of tanning the finish here.

2020 Auxey-Duresses 1er Ecussaux Blanc

A braod nose, plenty of weight to the aroma - I'm just hoping that the palate has more energy than the nose suggests. Hmm, actually that's very good. Layered, complex, tasty wine that you could easily pass off as a Meursault from lower in the village. Very tasty if rather round - there's structure enough to carry it off. That's very good wine.

2020 Meursault

All negoce

More freshness and width to this nose - Meursault ? - yes, it could be! A little more mineral than the last and more mouth-watering too - a better balance. Silky and concentrated but never too much. That's a very good Meursault.

2020 Beaune Montrevenots Blanc Hospices de Beaune, Cuvée Suzanne et Raymond

Not an overly oaky nose - they changed the barrel - some oak spice but genereally a more mineral and citrus blend. Ooh - that's super, concentrated but intense and mouth-watering - long too. Wow - I'm shocked, a really great wine from the Hospices - actually two here - bravo!



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