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2017 are ready !

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February was intense with the last bottling of the 2017 and a lot more in the vines. The wines will be available by March this year.

A lot happened in February at the Domaine Jessiaume. The end of pruning and also the beginning of pulling the woods. Finally, pruning was quite quick this year.

The weather conditions were good and allowed us to prune during entire days.

This year, we bought a wood shredder. The goal is to pull the woods and put them in lines between rows. Then we are able to crush it.

With the wood shredder, it will not be necessary to burn the wood anymore.

Also, we have a naturel addition of nutrients and we avoid the release of CO2 from the combustion of wood.

At the same time, we finally bottled the last 2017. Some bigger bottles have been made on our 1er Cru appellations.

Those nice bottles will be used for special events at the Domaine.

Finally, we finished the month with the replanting of missing vines in our vineyard. The holes we did last autumn are now ready to receive the young vines.

This year, 1300 vines were replanted in our vineyard.

We have already scheduled many things for March. We will tie-down the vines and repair all the posts and wires in the vines. Wine events are planned too.


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2019: Let's go!
2019: Let's go!
31.01.2019 | 05 min
End of the year, winter is arriving.
End of the year, winter is arriving.
10.12.2018 | 05 min

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