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Domaine Jessiaume

"Wine is a living thing. It is made, not only by grapes and yeasts, but of skill and patience"

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                    [title] => Gilbert & Gaillard 2021
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                    [introduction_content] => The 2021 issue of the International Challenge Gilbert & Gaillard rewarded some wines from Domaine Jessiaume.
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Domaine Jessiaume 1er Cru Les Gravières - 2018

Dry white wine - Santenay
Note : 93/100
Dégustation : année 2021

Beautiful light yellow. Profound, elegant nose where delicate fruit and floral
aromas are augmented by a subtle mint and oak note. The palate displays fat,
a remarkably well-integrated silky texture and persistent mineral freshness.



Maison Jessiaume Vintage - 2018

Dry white wine - Santenay
Note : 90/100
Dégustation : année 2021

Brilliant light yellow. Delicate nose combining fresh white peach and fresh
herbs. The palate shows a seductively fleshy attack, silky texture and
freshness. The oak is very subtle and soft in this successful Santenay.



Domaine Jessiaume 1er Cru Les Ecussaux - 2018

Red wine - Auxey-Duresses
Note : 93/100
Dégustation : année 2021

Beautiful, young-looking bright red. Very pure, fruity nose suggestive of red
berry fruits and stone fruits. Great presence on the palate where the fruit and
oak sit successfully side by side. A terroir-driven wine with oodles of character.



Maison Jessiaume Vintage - 2018

Red wine - Volnay
Note : 92/100
Dégustation : année 2021

Beautiful deep garnet. Very pure nose offering up faultless fruit with very
seductive ripe cherry notes. The palate is dense yet velvety with a really lovely
mouthfeel and freshness that carries the fruit over substantial length.

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1,177 wines have been tasted by Charles Curtis and 67 were selected including our Santenay 1er Cru La Comme 2019.


Also, Charles Curtis mentionned Domaine Jessiaume in his top 10 producers to watch.

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Wine: the Trophée Jeunes Talents have finally been awarded.

Tuesday February 2, at the Domaine Chevalier in Ladoix-Serrigny, the two sponsors of the Trophée Jeunes Talents tasted the finalists' wines and bestowed the winners of a unique competition. Usually organized during the wine sale of the Hospices de Beaune in November, the Trophée Jeunes Talents rewards the best winemakers under 40 years old.

[date_formatted] => 02/02/2021 [plots] => Array ( ) [winetypes] => Array ( [0] => 9 [1] => 14 [2] => 4 ) ) ) [3] => Array ( [Post] => Array ( [id] => 114 [is_instagram] => [image] => santenay-1er-cru-les-gravieres.png [header_image] => billnanson.png [date] => 2021-01-01 [reading_minutes] => 05 [force_year] => 2019, 2021 [created] => 2021-02-01 10:39:30 [locale] => eng [title] => Burgundy Report 2019 [slug] => burgundy-report-2019 [introduction_content] => Here is the review of our 2019 vintage by Bill Nanson. [html_content] =>




Tasted in Santenay with Megan McClune & William Waterkeyn, 06 November 2020.


Domaine Jessiaume 10 Rue de la Gare 21590 Santenay

Tel: +33 3 80 20 60 03




There are new owners here - the previous Scottish ownership exchanged for a Parisian who bought the domaine in August. Apparently a long-time fan of burgundy wine, a biochemist originally.


William on 2020:

I think we can be happy here  at the  domaine in Santenay - we didn 't see any blockage of maturity or the drying of the grapes which we saw in much of the Côte d'Or - we did have a bit more rain than most parts which helped us average 40 Hl/ha - nice degrees with good acidity tao - and no issues with vinifications

either so happy. Our Beaune Cent Vignes was a bit less good versus the grapes in Santenay but we have good roots due to our time in biodynamics so the volume was still quite good. The harvest was roughly a normal length as the maturities weren 't blocked anywhere.

William on 2019:

A little more complicated - still quite an easy vintage in the vines, but fermentations were often quite slow in the reds - so more stress in the cuverie than in the vineyards. In the end, I think a

style that s quite Burgundian with a more present acidity and a little less solaire than in 2018. It was more sportif!




Nothing in excess, purity of fruit, a semi-elegant style - but so drinkable and enjoyable. A great selection of reds and properly Burgundian in their clarity of fruit!



Sorne from the commune of Volnay and Côtes Couchios - so no Côte d'Or label.

That's a very attractive nose of red berry fruit, developing a more overt cherry. Silky, nicely direct, lovely acidity - hmm -that's really a delicious wine with just the right amount of structure to say - 'wait 6 months' - you will anyway have to - it' s not yet bottled! A delicious finish with a little tannin-bitters. Lovely.



In Les Eccuseaux

A little paler colour. A wider, meatier aroma. Bright, incisive, lovely in the mouth - that's really excellent - the nose still needs a little work but the palate is top-notch!



Vine next to those above.

A finer, darker-fruited nose - a good invitation. A little more punch to this flavour, a little more structure too - but essentially the same open, mouth-watering shape of the villages. You should wait just a little longer to drink this but, honestly, it would be no crime to drink it already!



'Definitely a clos within the clos, ' the vines almost in the village.

A riper, more forward fruit - not quite confiture but more in this direction - balancing is a deeper, slightly minerai base of aroma. Wow - that's deliciously dark-fruited, with energy and depth to the generous flavour. Bravo - completely delicious villages of depth and interest!



A little less colour. A redder fruit, plenty of depth. In the mouth, wider and with a certain fresh concentration, but also redder-fruited than the village. Completely delicious, almost 'easier' wine. Long and satisfying ...



Here a little wc in the ferment here.

A deeper colour, a little wc and red fruit too. Direct, a little narrower, more mouth-watering. A wine with another, higher, level of structure but also complexity too. All is well-balanced and will provide a delicious wine in 2-3 years...



Low-slope but Brouillards plus some Grand Poisots

A gorgeous nose - such clarity of fruit. In the mouth, it's incisive, wide and so mouth-watering. Framed with a modest tannin you should wait, but not too long... Excellent villages!



In Combotte, south Pommard - meagre soil, so not a lot of grapes in the last hotter vintages. Not a strong colour. A more floral width of aroma. Nice shape in the mouth, quite airy, a little touch of barrel cream too. Very tasty but don't corne here if you're looking for powerful, or classic Pommard - this is all grace and easiness, but with good length in the finish...



A more compact nose - but not losing its freshness. The structure providing a fine framework for this wine, young structure and fruit - this is properly put together wine, and at least a medium-term wine - but all is in place - excellent!



Modest colour but the nose has plenty ofweight and width- creamy red-fruited- fine detail here. Wide, open but with modest structure and finely mouth-watering flavours. Fine indeed...




From Santenay and 'north Chalonnaise'
A good nose, of depth and a slight vibration - the vibration coming from a little gas. Ripe pineapple but energy too. Really mouth-watering in a citrus/pineapple style - classically for 2019 touched by that finishing tannin.



A parce! in Combe St.Jean, in the direction the three crosses exposed direct/y to the east.
A little energy to this nose, faintly herbed. Bubbling with complexity and a ripe citrus flavour. I particularly like the direct line of mouth-watering citrus flavour in the finish. Delicious again...



From two parcels, one lower, one higher.
Ooh - now that's very nice, deep nose - reduction? Not obviously so. Minerai, complex citrus too - and that's only the nose. A faint touch of gas. More generous, rounder flavour than the villages wine, wide finishing with good energy as a foil to the riper agrume fruit. Very good wine...



Nice width of finely spiced fresh agrume here - lovely. A touch of gas again but clearly a wine with extra energy and drive. Touched by a little barrel today - but that's probably gone within 12 months. I love the mouth-watering finish here - that's a great Auxey and excellent wine in general...



Bought in must, vines 50 metresfrom the cross of Charlemagne.
Energetic and wide - there's aromatic character here, that's for sure. Bubbling with energy, not overtly concentrated

[date_formatted] => 01/01/2021 [plots] => Array ( ) [winetypes] => Array ( ) ) ) [4] => Array ( [Post] => Array ( [id] => 113 [is_instagram] => [image] => 2019-12-19-09-07-07-586.jpg [header_image] => 2019-12-17-14-19-52-090.jpg [date] => 2019-12-31 [reading_minutes] => 03 [force_year] => 2019, 2020 [created] => 2020-01-20 09:52:30 [locale] => eng [title] => 2020 vintage is starting. [slug] => 2020-vintage-is-starting [introduction_content] => We are finishing the 2019 vintage with the wines in the barrels and we are now preparing next vintage in the vines. [html_content] =>

For this end of the year we bottle the first 2018 wines. As usual, our wines are bottled in two times depending on the barrel aging.

The cuvées bottled this December have been aged for 12 months in barrels and 3 months in tanks.

At the same time, we begin the pruning season for next vintage. The vines are "démontées" which is the first-step pruning.

After pulling the shoots and crushing them in the parcels, the remaining shoots will be "mouchées" (determination of the length of the shoots, it is the final step of pruning) during March.

The cycle is about to start again. We hope this vintage in "Vin" (twenty, "vingt" in French sounds like "Vin") will be generous.

Future will tell and for now, all the team at Domaine Jessiaume wish you a happy new year.

Le Domaine Jessiaume

[date_formatted] => 31/12/2019 [plots] => Array ( ) [winetypes] => Array ( ) ) ) [5] => Array ( [Post] => Array ( [id] => 92 [is_instagram] => [image] => 2019-09-09-09-23-27-792.jpg [header_image] => 2019-09-09-09-23-27-792.jpg [date] => 2019-09-27 [reading_minutes] => 05 [force_year] => 2019 [created] => 2019-09-27 14:09:52 [locale] => eng [title] => [slug] => [introduction_content] => [html_content] => [date_formatted] => 27/09/2019 [plots] => Array ( ) [winetypes] => Array ( ) ) ) [6] => Array ( [Post] => Array ( [id] => 91 [is_instagram] => [image] => 42579105614.jpg [header_image] => 42579105614.jpg [date] => 2019-07-31 [reading_minutes] => 03 [force_year] => 2019 [created] => 2019-07-29 09:41:20 [locale] => eng [title] => Harvest is close... [slug] => harvest-is-close [introduction_content] => July and the end of the "travaux en vert" period. [html_content] =>

While the tie-up labor is finishing, the weather is still hot and dry. The vine is still in a great shape and is growing fast.

Grapes are quite healthy and only some powdery mildew is present in a few parcels.

The grapes are growing fast and the quality for harvest might be very good. Yields this year are not important. Frost in April and the weather condition during the flowering affected the crop.

We have to wait until mid-September and we will know...

Now, the seasonal help finished the season. We thank them again for all the work they have done this year. It is time to complete a few things in the winery and in the vines before vacation.

The grapes will start to ripe then...It has already begun in some parcels...

When we will be back, "véraison" will be completed!

Le Domaine Jessiaume

[date_formatted] => 31/07/2019 [plots] => Array ( ) [winetypes] => Array ( ) ) ) [7] => Array ( [Post] => Array ( [id] => 90 [is_instagram] => [image] => 2019-06-19-10-40-52-233.jpg [header_image] => 2019-06-19-10-40-52-233.jpg [date] => 2019-06-30 [reading_minutes] => 05 [force_year] => 2019 [created] => 2019-07-29 07:43:14 [locale] => eng [title] => A (warm) beginning of summer... [slug] => a-warm-beginning-of-summer [introduction_content] => During June, vinework continues and summer is starting with hot temperatures. [html_content] =>

At the beginning of June, we start to tie-up the vines. While it grows, we need to tie the shoots straight up. This task is done several times in the vineyard.

Usually, it takes 2 to 3 times per vine to tie it up.

During that time, the vine starts flowering. The potential grapes are now being prepared. This year, flowering is quite long. The weather conditions were not perfect for it.

At the Domaine, we received new tools for the soils. These tools will be used for a gentle plow of the soil. Also, they will help reducing the number of tractor uses and avoid the soil compaction.

It needs some time to set it up perfectly but they are very interesting.

Second part of June is getting very hot in France.

Temperature records have been broken and we start to have a lack of water.

Hopefully, vines are resilient and we might have some rain during July...


Le Domaine Jessiaume


[date_formatted] => 30/06/2019 [plots] => Array ( ) [winetypes] => Array ( ) ) ) [8] => Array ( [Post] => Array ( [id] => 89 [is_instagram] => [image] => 2019-05-24-12-49-53-218.jpg [header_image] => 2019-05-24-12-49-53-218.jpg [date] => 2019-05-31 [reading_minutes] => 03 [force_year] => 2019 [created] => 2019-07-29 07:15:46 [locale] => eng [title] => Travaux en vert. [slug] => travaux-en-vert [introduction_content] => Now that we are in May, several workers joined us to help in the vines. [html_content] =>

It is the beginning of disbudding in the vines. We select shoots that have potential grapes on it and remove the ones we do not need. This task is done in two times.

In the vineyard, disbudding is done following the growth. It needs a lot of people to make sure we are not getting late.

This year, May is also the opportunity for us to present our wines at the Nantucket Wine Festival in Nantucket, MA. During the festival, several tastings are planned. The vintages available in NY and MA are presented.

Our wines received very good feedback and we are very happy to be part of this event.

In Burgundy, the work in the vines continues. Plowing, disbudding, and a lot more to come...



Le Domaine Jessiaume

[date_formatted] => 31/05/2019 [plots] => Array ( ) [winetypes] => Array ( ) ) ) [9] => Array ( [Post] => Array ( [id] => 88 [is_instagram] => [image] => 2019-04-14-06-13-19-263.jpg [header_image] => 2019-04-05-11-54-55-662.jpg [date] => 2019-04-30 [reading_minutes] => 05 [force_year] => 2019 [created] => 2019-07-15 14:34:04 [locale] => eng [title] => A song of ice and fire... [slug] => a-song-of-ice-and-fire [introduction_content] => April 2019, here it is the season is about to start! [html_content] =>

Beginning of April, budbreak has started in the vines. Tying-down is now finished and we just have to wait for the vines to grow before we begin to debud.

Unfortunately, when the vines just started growing, the weather forecast announces a few days of frost in the vineyard.

This year again, we have to fight against frost. We use everything we can to protect the vines. Candles, hay fires and helicopters are used to preserve the crop in Burgundy.

In the end, thanks to our efforts and with a bit of luck, damages and losses are quite limited.

Now that the risk of frost is (almost) gone, it is time to start plowing the soils. First step is to soften the soil and remove winter's grass.

All plots of the Domaine must be plowed in order to avoid competition between vine and grass.

Finally, we finish the month with our first Biodynamic spray in the vineyard. This year, we will spray a 500P preparation added with some valerian to reduce the post-frost stress.

This first try is "energize" the vines by hand.

Now, the seasonal help is going to join us and we are about to start the "travaux en verts"(various tasks while the vines grow).


Le Domaine Jessiaume

[date_formatted] => 30/04/2019 [plots] => Array ( ) [winetypes] => Array ( ) ) ) [10] => Array ( [Post] => Array ( [id] => 87 [is_instagram] => [image] => 2019-04-02-11-07-29-497.jpg [header_image] => 2019-03-27-13-15-59-408.jpg [date] => 2019-03-31 [reading_minutes] => 05 [force_year] => 2019 [created] => 2019-04-17 14:56:17 [locale] => eng [title] => Tying-down, repairing and more... [slug] => tying-down-repairing-and-more [introduction_content] => March was sunny with high temperatures. The vine cycle is about to begin. [html_content] =>

Now that the wood were pulled and crushed, it is time to tie-down the vines. This year, we will not do it by hand.

We are now equiped with tying machines that help to progress faster.

The labor will take between 2 to 3 weeks for our 22 acres of vines. Also, we had to repair all the posts and wires in our vineyard.

At the same time, it is a quieter period just before the season and we have the opportunity to do some wine events and presentation of our wines.

This year, we have been to Paris for the Young Talents Wine Event.

This professional event was the occasion to show and present our 2017 vintage.

Also, a short stay in Sweden was done in order to present the Domaine Jessiaume and our wines. We met sommeliers, journalists and private customers during 3 days.

The result was positive and our wines will be exported there soon.

Back in Burgundy, it is now time to plan the work for April. The weather forecast indicates a possible coldness for the beginning of April...


Le Domaine Jessiaume

[date_formatted] => 31/03/2019 [plots] => Array ( ) [winetypes] => Array ( ) ) ) [11] => Array ( [Post] => Array ( [id] => 86 [is_instagram] => [image] => 2019-02-05-15-52-06-233.jpg [header_image] => 2019-02-05-15-55-01-221.jpg [date] => 2019-02-28 [reading_minutes] => 05 [force_year] => 2017, 2019 [created] => 2019-04-17 14:11:22 [locale] => eng [title] => 2017 are ready ! [slug] => 2017-are-ready [introduction_content] => February was intense with the last bottling of the 2017 and a lot more in the vines. The wines will be available by March this year. [html_content] =>

A lot happened in February at the Domaine Jessiaume. The end of pruning and also the beginning of pulling the woods. Finally, pruning was quite quick this year.

The weather conditions were good and allowed us to prune during entire days.

This year, we bought a wood shredder. The goal is to pull the woods and put them in lines between rows. Then we are able to crush it.

With the wood shredder, it will not be necessary to burn the wood anymore.

Also, we have a naturel addition of nutrients and we avoid the release of CO2 from the combustion of wood.

At the same time, we finally bottled the last 2017. Some bigger bottles have been made on our 1er Cru appellations.

Those nice bottles will be used for special events at the Domaine.

Finally, we finished the month with the replanting of missing vines in our vineyard. The holes we did last autumn are now ready to receive the young vines.

This year, 1300 vines were replanted in our vineyard.

We have already scheduled many things for March. We will tie-down the vines and repair all the posts and wires in the vines. Wine events are planned too.


Le Domaine Jessiaume

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