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minutes of reading: 03 min 31.12.2019

2020 vintage is starting.

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We are finishing the 2019 vintage with the wines in the barrels and we are now preparing next vintage in the vines.

For this end of the year we bottle the first 2018 wines. As usual, our wines are bottled in two times depending on the barrel aging.

The cuvées bottled this December have been aged for 12 months in barrels and 3 months in tanks.

At the same time, we begin the pruning season for next vintage. The vines are "démontées" which is the first-step pruning.

After pulling the shoots and crushing them in the parcels, the remaining shoots will be "mouchées" (determination of the length of the shoots, it is the final step of pruning) during March.

The cycle is about to start again. We hope this vintage in "Vin" (twenty, "vingt" in French sounds like "Vin") will be generous.

Future will tell and for now, all the team at Domaine Jessiaume wish you a happy new year.

Le Domaine Jessiaume

27.09.2019 | 05 min
Harvest is close...
Harvest is close...
31.07.2019 | 03 min

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