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"Wine is a living thing. It is made, not only by grapes and yeasts, but of skill and patience"

minutes of reading: 03 min 31.07.2019

Harvest is close...

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July and the end of the "travaux en vert" period.

While the tie-up labor is finishing, the weather is still hot and dry. The vine is still in a great shape and is growing fast.

Grapes are quite healthy and only some powdery mildew is present in a few parcels.

The grapes are growing fast and the quality for harvest might be very good. Yields this year are not important. Frost in April and the weather condition during the flowering affected the crop.

We have to wait until mid-September and we will know...

Now, the seasonal help finished the season. We thank them again for all the work they have done this year. It is time to complete a few things in the winery and in the vines before vacation.

The grapes will start to ripe then...It has already begun in some parcels...

When we will be back, "véraison" will be completed!

Le Domaine Jessiaume

A (warm) beginning of summer...
A (warm) beginning of summer...
30.06.2019 | 05 min
Travaux en vert.
Travaux en vert.
31.05.2019 | 03 min

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