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minutes of reading: 05 min 30.06.2019

A (warm) beginning of summer...

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During June, vinework continues and summer is starting with hot temperatures.

At the beginning of June, we start to tie-up the vines. While it grows, we need to tie the shoots straight up. This task is done several times in the vineyard.

Usually, it takes 2 to 3 times per vine to tie it up.

During that time, the vine starts flowering. The potential grapes are now being prepared. This year, flowering is quite long. The weather conditions were not perfect for it.

At the Domaine, we received new tools for the soils. These tools will be used for a gentle plow of the soil. Also, they will help reducing the number of tractor uses and avoid the soil compaction.

It needs some time to set it up perfectly but they are very interesting.

Second part of June is getting very hot in France.

Temperature records have been broken and we start to have a lack of water.

Hopefully, vines are resilient and we might have some rain during July...


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