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minutes of reading: 05 min 31.03.2019

Tying-down, repairing and more...

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March was sunny with high temperatures. The vine cycle is about to begin.

Now that the wood were pulled and crushed, it is time to tie-down the vines. This year, we will not do it by hand.

We are now equiped with tying machines that help to progress faster.

The labor will take between 2 to 3 weeks for our 22 acres of vines. Also, we had to repair all the posts and wires in our vineyard.

At the same time, it is a quieter period just before the season and we have the opportunity to do some wine events and presentation of our wines.

This year, we have been to Paris for the Young Talents Wine Event.

This professional event was the occasion to show and present our 2017 vintage.

Also, a short stay in Sweden was done in order to present the Domaine Jessiaume and our wines. We met sommeliers, journalists and private customers during 3 days.

The result was positive and our wines will be exported there soon.

Back in Burgundy, it is now time to plan the work for April. The weather forecast indicates a possible coldness for the beginning of April...


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2017 are ready !
2017 are ready !
28.02.2019 | 05 min
2019: Let's go!
2019: Let's go!
31.01.2019 | 05 min

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